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Volume I, Number 4 Spring 2002

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For what it's worth..........
Adels Return to Campus
Meet Mixed Reviews from Alumni
"There's somethin' happening here....what it is aint exactly clear...."

Well, the purple and gold appears to be back on campus.  Not like the old days, though.  The black cat has been "born again" into some sort of  religious symbol. (How many of its lives remain?)
Recent emails to this website as well as interactive postings at indicate that the new Adels are not being very well received.  No doubt that much of the credit for this goes to the repressive GCC administration who are making students sign religious oaths and keeping beathalyzers in the dorms.  No matter how you slice it, the new Adels really have no choice in conforming to the ridiculous bans on student freedom that have been evolving since the 1980s.
While it is nice to see the colors on campus and to see floats for homecoming again, these images have little or no link to the past, other than the nine Greek letters that they bear.  Initiations are down to doing such things as community and campus service. (There is nothing wrong with these services, but they do not lend themselves to social bonding like laps, swats, and "wipe it off, Curlin!".  I suppose instead of reciting certain Adel history, these pledges (so-called) must recite Biblical passages. ("Thank you, sir.  May I please have ten more commandments?")
Several Alumns have tried to make contact with these guys, but have, for the most part, been rebuffed.  I am sure they are terrified of the consequences of being caught "fraternizing" with Adel almuni who might "tempt" them to indulge in certain "weaknesses" of the flesh.  If word got out, it would be the end of their academic careers.
So, we cannot put too much blame on these fellows who, in applying to Grove City College, signed some sort of oath that they would spread the Gospel (wherever it needed spreading).  They are not like us really, but are symbols of an institution that is unlike ours was.  It is purely a case of devolution back to the 19th Century on the part of the college.
O.K., so what do you do when such a thing happens?  Well, what is it that GCC always wants. (No, not sex, drugs, rock and roll, or alcohol.) Money! Dinero. Moolah. Scoots. know that stuff that they are always bugging us for so that they can continue to operate, rennovate and expand. While it is unlikely that most of us would make a big difference in the amount in their coffers (I like many of you never send them a cent), spread the word to any alumni that you know.  Remember, guys, this is not the college we once knew.
Who knows, maybe they'll have to stop printing that insipid "Vision and Values" rag that I get several times a year. (What a pity if I didn't receive any more of those!)
If you would like to vent a little, send us an email at And, if you want to read some of these comments from time to time, visit the collection of essays at GCC Went Nuts.  Of course, you should also be logging into and participate in the electronic forums. There is a lot of interesting history, photo albums, and links at this site.

Homecoming 2002 - Reminder
Don't forget about this year's homecoming.  Hopefully lots of us can get together, renew old friendships, and bitch about the college.
Make your preferences known by completing a survey form .  So far, most of you want a dinner and party in the Pittsburgh or Butler area.
Also, don't forget that the Adel cruise target date of 2005 is only three years away.  I know it sounds like it is far off, but it just might be enought time for all of us to get prepared.

Submit Scanned Photos
Please look for any Adel memorabelia that you might have stored away somewhere and get it scanned. Please send it to us and we will forward it to Ryan Weinstein to add to his photo album page. (Or, send it directly to him.) We need charters, rush invitations, spring party invitations, photos of Adel pins and keys, etc.
Adel Songs
Remember the Adel songs. Well I do, at least some of the words.  Anyway, Ryan and company have collected the complete works on one website.  Simply go to, go to lists, and you will see a link for songs.