Guest Alumni Feature: Gincobiloba


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Guest Alumni Feature: Gincobiloba

Hawk Reveals the "mole" in Lincoln Dorm

Ginkgo biloba- Tree of eastern China, with fan like leaves and yellow

In the fall of 1962, Ed Bowersox, Adelphikos pledgemaster, and Mark
Flemming, assistant pledgemaster had a problem. Pledge period planning (as
in: electric boots, exlax digestion, secret road trips,flushing toilets,
endless brainwashing, etc.) was in progress, but information about the
frat's activities was somehow reaching the administration. How could Dr.
Fred Kring, Dean Of Men for Grove City College, be knowledgeable about
things like posted party sign up sheets, late night runs to the Lone Pine
Inn, and numbers of beer cans showing up in the Lincoln Dorm trash? Maybe
"Brownie" the dorm custodian was doing more than waxing the floors, maybe
he was discussing things with Dr. Kring.

A plan was put in motion. The next time Brownie came to third floor
Lincoln, Bowersox (a.k.a. Hawk) shouted, "look out, we've got a Ginkgo on
the floor". That was the signal for Brownie to get the silent treatment
from all Adelphikos- no more pleasant little chats, not even a friendly
hello came Brownie's way for several days. Then, in tones of total
derision, the brothers started to stare at Brownie and mutter one word,
"Ginkgo". It was more than a custodian could take.

The following Monday afternoon, Hawk was summoned to Dr. Kring's office.
"Do you know why I called you here?" asked the Dean Of Men. "Not really",
replied Hawk, who knew of several possible reasons. "I called you here
because I have been informed that you are calling the Lincoln custodian
disgusting names. I won't stand for college employees being cussed at by
the students. Now what are you calling Brownie?" "Ginkgo" responded Hawk.
"What is a Ginkgo?" asked Dr. Kring. "The Ginkgo biloba is a tree from
China that I studied in my botany class. I promise not to call Brownie a
Ginkgo anymore", Hawk pledged.

And so it was in 1962 that the link between the Lincoln Dorm custodian and
the Dean Of Men was established, and precautions taken to prevent leaks to
the administration.

Note: Hawk (Ed Bowersox) actually attended Grove City College at two points during the 1960's.  He graduated in 1969 and had served as Adel President during his senior year. He and his wife, Syd, reside in Somerset, PA.