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Guest Alumni Feature: Gincobiloba

Included below are some excerps from emails I have received from you recently.  I would like to share them with all of you. Most of them relate to the changes at GCC. Keep those emails coming (or at least breathing hard)

Hey Gary,    


Just let me say that I enjoy the adel dialogue that goes on from time to time.    


Brings back great memories. If it wasn't for you I would not be in touch with some of my contemporaries as I am now - even thought it's just through email.  




Stu Erwin '67  



Don't know about the letter, but we were bumming.     


Our pledge class that year had 10 sophomores and 4 freshman.  Mahoney was a freshman, good guy, the girls liked him which brought more to our parties. Noch was a junior, OK, bit of a nut, great girl friend.  And, we needed the dues.   later, another frosh, flunked out.    


The next year, we had 18 pledges - and two transfered and two got kicked out.   Everytime we took a few steps forward in growing, we got knocked a few more steps back.    


Even my pledge class, 20 pledges.  2 de-pledged, 1 flunked out....and four were seniors.    


Glenn Johnson 




We were (still are) a little nuts, but we had a ball. Nice to know that "dead Heads" were pretty much a constant...we had  a few too. I sent you an E-mail a while ago when I first found your site about the epic loss of charter saga. I'm sure if you asked Ryan, he would  share some of his info with you. I'm willing to answer any questions you may want to pose about the early 90s and I'm sure if you posted something on  Ryan's site about where to send contributions you could get more material than you know what to do with.    


George Purple Hayes  




We may have met briefly in the Spring of 71.  I did not rush at all during the fall semester, despite being a "legacy" of my older brother who was a Sig.  5'8" brown hair.  I had planned on being an independent until I started to meet some of the Adels thru my freshman roommate, Jim Ambrose.   I was a fairly decent handball player as was my good friend Bob Wonders, so we got to meet Lance Kebaugh and some others.  I think we were a "package" deal and were given pref bids.  We only went to 1 party at the Munster our freshman yearand  Bob threw up on me.  I can vividly remember either Taubel or Wirz telling me it was ok for guys to throw up on each other, I knew then I had made the right decision to join.  Those 4 years at GCC and the 3 with the Adels were great times, don't know that I would recommend the school now, things change.    


I have been writing newsletters for the Frat for the last 10 years or so, mostly to the grads from 72-78.  I am in touch with about 6 on a regular basis and do business with some.  I appreciate the efforts that you and Ryan are making, you both must have been VP's as was I, the only officer that did any work, other than Captain Nemo.   






.....Many of them (the new Adels) will grow up to discover that there are a lot of people in the world with a lot of different viewpoints, and some of them will actually lighten up.  Just like some of the wilder among us will mellow out a bit more with time. So let 'em pray or whatever. I"ll drink to their choices. AND, continue to celebrate the choices I made in joining the frat and making some of the best friends I"ve ever had. That's all that mattered in the end.

So God Bless you all and pass the Tequila.   




David Bailey  

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