A Virtual Fraternity


A Virtual Fraternity
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The Adels of long ago and not-so-long ago have renewed old friendships and extended the brotherhood across the miles.
How we got here and a personal tribute to

A number of years ago when the web was new and I had just learned how to surf it,  I entered a search on the word "Adelphikos". Lo and behold, I got a hit.  It listed a web page created by Joe Muhitch and it was located on the University of Pittsburgh server.  "How neat!" I thought to myself.  Joe had posted a number of photos and had some good information (along with a .gif file of the crest) about the Adels from his tenure as an active member during the 1990s.
It seemed to me that it would be great if a number of use could preserve photos, songs, anecdotes, lists of members, and other memorabelia on the internet for us to enjoy from time to time and to preserve for future brothers. 
It was around the same time that the Adels began to disappear from campus. What better time to create a "virtual attic" to store all of the stuff we did and knew about regardless of the whims of current or succedding administrators. As it seemed more evident that the Adels would not be returning to campus (at least not in the form that we knew), this venture grew more appealing.
I had no idea what would evolve.
While I struggled with my HTML and gazed with pride upon my work on my website, I received an email from Chris Huber (Goob) letting me know that Ryan Weistein would be putting together an interactive Adel website to gain experience in using PHP applications. Chris wanted to know if I would mind if they "borrowed" some of the information and photos I had posted on my site.  No problem.  I expected some sort of site not unlike mine that might have a chat room and a crude bulletin board.
Was I wrong.
Those of you who have visited know how estensive a site it is.  There is a data base constituting a complete list of know Adel brothers, their pledge years, graduation years, email addresses, etc.  There is a comprehensive list of Adel songs (including "Lupe").  Ryan, along with Chris Huber and occasional consultant Steve Slevinski (an avid reader of Adelnews, buy the way) have refined the interactivity to a high art.  The site boasts selectable backgrounds, real-time bulletin board postings and edits, and great sets of photo albums.  One of the photo albums is composed of a number of Adel shirts encompassing the commemoration of many Adel activities.  Great stuff.
My virtual hat is off to Ryan, Chris and Steve for the excellent work they have done.  I enjoy going there and would encourage all of you to visit this site whenever you get the chance.  Which reminds me...there is a lot of information that these guys need, especiallly from some of the earlier classes.  Please help them out.  I can't remember everything! (Most times, I can't remember anything.)
Send them some scanned, invitations, charters...whatever...
These web pages remind us of how much we meant to each other at college.  They also tell us that bonds forged years ago can be maintained, maybe even strengthened through connecting with each other.
And that is what this is: staying connected at the touch of a mouse.
Who would have thunk it?
Rally '71

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