Herbie and the Chicken


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Herbie and the Chicken
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It was pledging time again at GCC...but this time Herbie Anderson had a special treat...a live chicken!

Is this Herbie or Jay North?

We often take our traditions for granted. So it was back in the spring of 1970 during the Adelphikos pledging season.
It turns out that the active members were getting bored with such things as swats, running endless trips out the road, and making the pledges eat all sorts of concoctions.
No, this year would be different.  Herbie would see to that. He felt that the pledge class needed a mascot.  But what animal would be appropriate?
If you have been an avid reader of this publication, you know about the great Adel chicken run.  Apparently Herbie was struck by a bolt of inspiration, figuring that the Adel pledge class would start a tradition by adopting a mascot of a....CHICKEN!
And this would be no ordinary chicken.  This would be a fine fowl raised on beer and cornflakes (just like the Adel actives).  Oh, there might me an occasional bowl of popcorn...but mostly beer and cornflakes.
So, during hell week of 1970, Herbie, and his faithful pultry pal, spent much time on the campus.  Of course, the pledges had to pay homage to the chicken and call it "sir" (or 'ma'am - I forget which).  Eventually each pledge had to play a game of "catch the chicken".  And, during the peak of hell week, Herbie somehow managed to get the contents of a bottle of tobasco sause down the chicken's gullet. (Bear in mind, there PETA did not exist in those days.)
In addition to the tobasco, Herbie's chicken endured countless dousings of water, the ritual steam bath, miles of running around the quads, surfing on 3rd floor Lincoln, and, of course, sustained verbal abuse.
Toward the end of the hell week rituals, the chicken, noticibly fatigued and much thnner, roamed thrisd floor Lincoln in a daze.  After the last pledge had been initiated and the sun rose over the fox palace, Herbie donated his chicken to a local chicken farmer.
The chicken probably wound up in the serving tray of the Men's cafetria.
Note: Herbie is (or was) a colonol and a pilot in the USAF, most recently attached to Nato flying AWACs.  Knowing this should make us all sleep better at night.