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Dale Bax - High Plains Dentist


Dale Bax, Pledgemaster during the great Adel chicken run, will be forever associated with his celebrity look-alike!


Dale Bax at the 2000 Reunion

Dale Bax (Adel Class of 1970)was raised in Lake City, PA. He was part of the Adel pledge class of 1967. In addition to his major contribution as pledgemaster, he is most remembered for his work on the 1968 and 1969 floats.

After graduation, Dale decided to go to dental school and practiced dentistry in Florida (practice makes perfect). But one day the call of the western plains got under his skin and he decided to move his practice and his family to Montana. (Can you imagine how his patients must have felt having to travel 2000 miles just to get their teeth cleaned?) Who knows what led him to his fateful decision. Perhaps it was a message from Buffalo Bob. Or maybe he had just watched too many Clint Eastwood westerns.

Anyway, there he is today in the western wilderness doing root canals and rasing jackalopes. (We know he is not a chicken farmer.)

(Editor's note: We would have written much more about Dale, but there really isn't any more to say.)


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