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Adelphikos - Class of 1983

Photos contributed by Glenn Johnson

The first 3 were taken in 1983. Two at summer rally and the day after Mark Duncan's wedding.

The hazardous photo was taken around the corner from Kring's farm.

The fourth photo was taken at Homecoming, 98; at the Landmark Hotel. The Landmark was (re)discovered in the spring of 83 when the off campus houses were closed. Back then, it was a small bar with a pool table. Rumor was
that you could get a room upstairs for $10. GCC students have funded numerous expansions since then.





Additional notes from Glenn

In 1979 or 80, the frat built a Dragon that either won or came in 2nd. John Cruikshank '81 would know.

Last I knew about the frat losing their charter from your 'what happened to the Adels' comment.

They partied too much in 85 or 86 and lost it. They had rented an apartment off campus for parties only. No one lived there. They had it for a year or two years. When week, non-stop partying finally caught up with them.
A few years later, they lost it again during the pledge scavenger hunt; while looking for Mrs. McKenzies left nipple or her ashes or something. She had died of cancer about 10 years earlier. Pres. McKenzie was not too
thrilled to see her name on a list of items. They had a few secret pledge classes over the years. The 98 photo had the two remaining Adels in it.

Another little known fact. In the fall of 82, when the houses were closed, we cut plywood sheets into lengths small enough to fit through the trap door into the Lincoln dorm attic. We cut a signs table in half lengthwise and
played signs in the attic with one small light until we graduated in the spring of 83. We left that summer, hiding the wood under the thin layer of insulation. I think a few years later, the college filled the attic with another few feet of insulation and the secret party spot was buried forever.