How Grove City College went Nuts
Tyranny and Repression at "Freedom's College"

What have they done to my college?
Comments from a member of the class of 1971

Today is

The other day I browsed the GCC website and found a list of student religious organizations. It appears that GCC has many more of these than most mid-size cities! Anyway, it disturbs me that so much emphasis is placed on these groups when, in the past, there were very few of them. (Promote the fanatics but persecute the fraternities.) It is no wonder that the new Adels have a "devotions" page. (Although, it may be a very clever ruse to fool the administration, eh?)

> What the hell happened? Now, I am not against spiritual beliefs. I even have a few of my own. But to go out and hit people over the head with one's paraochial point of view...Is that what we expect of higher education? We have several brothers who are now in the ministry and, having known some of them quite well, I can tell you that they would be embarrassed by many of these zealots. While they may not have always approved of our behavior, they remained active Adel members and participated in most of our fraternal activities.

Looking back over the years, the Adelphikos provided me with more fellowship, wisdom, and life-long friendships than any "GCC organization". And, our now long-retired and,in some cases now-deceased members of earlier GCC administrations, may have outwardly professed allegiance to Christian tenets, but always practiced tolerance, judgement, and common sense.

They knew the importance of free speech and also the danger of yelling fire in a theater. They knew that we would eventually grow to be productive, stable members of the community (well, most of us anyway). They also knew that the worst thing any members of any organization can do is to believe their own hype.